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What is the The Driftless Region?
Image from www.darestoration.com

Image from www.darestoration.com

The Driftless Region is a name given to an area of southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois.  The area was missed by the glaciers during the last ice age which gives the land a beautifully sculpted terrain.

It preserves a sample of what the rest of the Midwest was like before the last Glacial Period over 10,000 years ago.  Steep forested hillsides reach down into deep coulees cut by cold-water streams that provide a superb habitat for trout.  Bluffs line the Mississippi River and climb to nearly 600 feet.

The Driftless is home to an abundance of wildlife, many of which enjoy the protection of state and national wildlife refuges.  Birds fly over in large flocks following the Mississippi River Flyway, one of the country’s most important migratory bird routes.  There is an abundance of wildlife and wildflowers that thrive in the unique forest, prairie remnants, wetlands, and grasslands of the Driftless Region.

This incredible natural setting offers a wonderful opportunity for hiking, paddling, fishing, biking and so much more.

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