Wisconsin Bowhunters Association

Wisconsin bowhunting pioneers like Roy Case, Aldo Leopold and others worked to establish the first dedicated bowhunting season in the country in 1934, and in 1941 founded Wisconsin Bowhunters Association to promote, preserve and protect this new sport. The Association has been a force in bowhunting ever since. WBH worked with the Wisconsin DNR to develop many of the generous bowhunting opportunities we enjoy today, not only in Wisconsin, but based on our success, seasons and regulations that have been copied in many other states. Wisconsin’s bowhunting structure still serves as a template followed by several other game agencies across the country.

Wisconsin Bowhunters maintains a full-time office centrally located in Clintonville, WI, and is guided by a Board of Directors elected from 10 geographic districts across the state. And our mission hasn’t changed: to work with the DNR, legislators, other hunting groups and bowhunters from around the state to promote, preserve and protect the great sport of hunting with a bow and arrow.